Andre-Hans von BREMEN

La Rochelle... seule ville de France membre

de la Ligue Hanseatique ! Depuis très longtemps ! 


Culture & Tradition

Hanseatic & Solar Revivals

The Hanseatic League was active from 12th to 17th and also revived in Holland in 1980. This New Age Hanseatic League groups today nearly 200 cities of Nordeuropa. See - About belief, we refer to the Pre-Christian Solar Belief hidden behind Protestantism of Northern Europe.

Economy : The Rhineland Model + Mondragon Cooperatives

The Rhineland Model refers to long term non-speculative and social constructive capitalism... against the short-term speculating financial capitalism. 

Mondragon Cooperatives is a way to build firms from Baskenland taking care of having zero unemployment... 

Charitable Leisure

The explanation is very short : A pure copycat of the "Salvation Army" but with a "Navy Look & Feel" and a reference to Solar Pre-Christian Belief. We added the ideo of Leisure in order to motivate people to become members while having fun with our Leisure activities... We also advise to give some support to a Non-Profit Association giving help to people of Donbass !  

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Upcoming Solar & Hanseatic events...  

Hanseatic Days

From 13 to 16 June 2024


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About us

NORDLANDIA is an holistic concept that refers to Northern-European Folk, Area & Traditions & Belief.

About Belief, we refer to the pre-Christian Solar Tradition that has been invaded by the Monotheist Christian Belief that our wrong Elites accepted as a tool to dominate their own folk. As they did later with Marxism and Liberalism...

The map here annexed speaks from itself :it is the map of Europe with red dots of cities with the word "Saint" in their name. It shows clearly the differences between South-Europe and Northern-Europe. A difference we named NORDLANDIA !

Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel involved !

We are looking local "Honourable Correspondants" in the whole Northern-Europa, from Hanseatic Brugge to  Hanseatic Veliky Novgorod 

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